Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A crooked crabapple tree

Every day as I walk to work, I see a crabapple tree, lopsided and misshapen. Leaning far over the road, bereft of branches on the other side, it seems, like so many people, to be trying, but failing.  What can cause such distortion?  Perhaps bad genes?  Hidden from view is the stump of a huge hickory tree, just a bit further from the road.  In its shade, the poor crabapple was doing the best it could, growing towards what little light it could glean.   Now in the sun, it blooms, but it will always be crooked.

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essaylab said...

It sure is amazing to see such beautiful tree of apple in the place where the weather is really pleasant. I am always interested to try eating the different apples from different places.